We help organisations meet rapidly changing regulatory requirements and embed  environmental responsibility within their strategy. We use a participative approach to define environmental priorities, develop strategic goals and build commitment across the wider organisation.

We focus on three key areas:

  1. Strategic:
  • Leadership team facilitation to ensure diverse goals and expectations are managed collaboratively
  • Embed environmental goals within strategic plans
  • Establish clear sustainability goals that are aligned across the organisation
  1. Engagement:
  • Secure understanding and commitment across the organisation and relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitate managers, teams and stakeholders to build commitment and develop action plans
  • Build collaboration across the supply-chain and with other stakeholders
  1. Delivery:
  • Build the competencies that underpin effective ways of working: e.g. cross functional collaboration,  shared environmental best practice, environmentally sensitive supply chain and improved partnership working
  • Implement management reporting systems to track performance against sustainability goals