China’s rapid growth has carried a heavy environmental price but in recent years it has taken significant steps to become more sustainable. China is now set to become a leader in sustainable technologies – both as an adopter and as an innovator. It is imperative that China and the other major economies transition to a low carbon future and those organisations that can support this transition have an important role to play.

The Low Carbon Strategy Network has linked-up with a company in China, Smart Sense Global, to provide support to companies that are considering China as a potential market. Smart Sense Global are based in the Tongxiang region (close to Shanghai)  which is rapidly becoming a centre for innovation and development of new technologies.

Smart Sense Global is supported by China’s highest economic development commission, the National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) and is able to provide:

  • Investment funding
  • Fast company set-up
  • Licensing & access to the China market
  • Revenue generation
  • Banking arrangements for importing/exporting funds
  • Market analysis and customer insights
  • Strategic partner formation
  • Localization services including:
  • Real estate readiness (contracts, licenses, utilities)
  • Business operations (IT, HR, legal, accounting, purchasing)
  • Foreigner visas
  • Negotiation of tax incentives

We are currently identifying companies that offer advanced technologies, innovative materials and other solutions to support sustainable economic activity. If your organisation is considering China as a possible future market we would be pleased to give more information on the support that is available.



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