Graham Neale

Graham has worked in local government for much of the last twenty years. This experience includes chairing planning meetings, working on transport strategies and promoting sustainable processes.  In addition to local government he has specific expertise in media and communications and has a long-standing contract with a television company working on news production and live broadcasts.



He has served on a number of charity boards. As chair of the Vegan Society, Graham helped to professionalize the charity, bringing it to national attention. He is currently chair of the Green Liberal Democrats and in the last twelve months has supported Baroness Lynne Featherstone in an initiative to define a road map to transition to a Zero Carbon Economy by 2050, a first for a national political party.

Much of his time is focused on building alliances between organisations to build partnerships and ensure effective collaboration. This includes working with community groups, helping them define and raise issues so that they develop a coherent voice within the political process.  He has specific experience of teaching communication skills, including  the effective use of social media.

Graham has a BA in Politics with Economics

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