Why join?

Anyone involved with developing or implementing a low carbon strategy needs to be able to access the latest data, methods and innovative ideas. They will also need specific skills in managing a process that will guide their organisations through complexity and uncertainty. Membership of The Low Carbon Strategy Network provides a single point of access to a range of resources.

The support that we offer falls under three distinct categories:

  1. Access to relevant resources, (e.g. data, methods, tools, white papers, articles)
  2. The opportunity to exchange ideas and best practice with others who are addressing the challenge of transitioning to a sustainable future. (e.g. events and workshops)
  3. Access to a range of services to support internal strategic change, (e.g. workshop facilitation, cascade events, management development programmes)

Membership provides a range of benefits.

  • Access to the knowledge library
  • Regular communications highlighting research, articles and data
  • Regional events for members to share best practice (at reduced rates)
  • Webinars and teleconferences
  • Skills workshops to build competencies within change teams
  • A focal-point for debate and a vehicle for influencing government and corporate policy
  • Consultancy services and strategic facilitation to support management teams